Pastor Ock Soo ParkA few years ago, we held an English speech contest for Korean university students. After hearing them speak such fluent English, I felt that some of these students would arise to become leaders that not only guide their nation, but the rest of the world. All they need is a healthy heart.

I want to teach young people to break out of their molds, spend time with each other, and share their hearts. There are reasons why we take the time to bend our hearts and empty ourselves of our thoughts. If not done at a young age, it would be impossible to achieve success later in life. Even though we have inadequacies, we can receive the help of others to compensate for our shortcomings through unity and fellowship.

Tomorrow about this time, next year about this time, even ten years about this time if young people could foresee the change they will undergo, they would not live according to the desires of their flesh, but cherish a greater hope in heaven.

God has prepared an amazing future for us, and as young adults learn about the true world of the heart, Mahanaim, which means God’s Army, will raise them into great men and women with the capacity to lead the world. They will change through Mahanaim.    



Pastor Ock Soo Park