• Mahanaim recognizes the importance of research and human development, and has started planning for a comprehensive library facility that mirrors the academic standards of its offered programs. A long-term project, the library system will contain a state-of-the-art cataloging system, a comprehensive library collection concentrated in music and theology, a multimedia center specifically designed to optimize student research and discovery, and a reliable staff that plays a proactive role in getting each student the specific information they need to succeed in their courses and in life. Mahanaim is excited about unveiling the continual development of its library system not just to students, but the entire Huntington community.

  • The gem of Mahanaim’s main campus, the Auditorium , has established itself as a premiere center for musical performance s since 2007, housing great performances such as the Spring Recital, Fall Recital, and Gracias Choir’s Christmas Cantata. Great acoustics, a second floor balcony, a re-finished stage, and seating for over 900 are just some of the features that set Mahanaim Auditorium apart from others . The auditorium also doubles as a large lecture hall, and Chapel hall. Whatever the event, the auditorium will become a staple to Mahanaim’s academic endeavors and community-related initiatives as a cultural center for many years to come.

  • Whether it is helping the student craft cohesive, engaging language, produce brainstorming strategies, or just helping them proofread a paper, the Writing Center at Mahanaim aims to be a place where students feel comfortable coming for writing assistance and/or advice. Writing Center tutors are available by appointment and are ready and willing to help, not just to produce better writing, but to guide students to become better writers in the process.

    Students who need help in other subjects or just need additional assistance with a particular assignment are invited to utilize Mahanaim’s Tutoring center. Tutors are available by appointment. Students can get one-on-one attention and learn valuable study tips from their assigned

  • Mahanaim strives to enhance the learning experience for enrolled students, faculty, and staff through the innovative and effective use of technology at our computer lab. The computer lab also serves as a music lab with extensive music resources, which allow students to enjoy and research music from different eras. The computer lab aims to create an environment that supports the educational pursuits of Mahanaim students. To ensure that these goals are met, the lab provides quality, state-of-the-art software and hardware resources. High-speed internet access, multimedia capability, and knowledgeable professionals managing the area help students to obtain the information they need to succeed in today’s academic landscape.

  • The language lab is designed to optimize in-class instruction. A full range of language development materials is available for student practice. Students are strongly encouraged to use these materials to develop their language skills. Students may use the language lab to practice listening skills, enrich vocabulary, and improve their reading rate. The language lab also offers computer-assisted instruction, which gives students the opportunity to work with word processing programs, the internet communications network, and language skill development programs. In addition to being a component of regular course work, the language lab is designed to help students develop their skills at their own pace and in areas of personal interest.