Theology Faculty

Yeong Kook Park

Pastor Yeong Kook Park is a graduate of the Korea Gospel Missionary College and has since amassed experience as both a pastor and missionary, serving in Korea and the United States since 2002. He brings a valuable amount of ministerial, world missions, and teaching experience to Mahanaim through training missionaries in Africa, and other countries around the globe, as well as lecturing on numerous topics in systematic theology.


Joseph Park

Joseph Park holds a B.S. in Finance from Santa Clara University and is a graduate of the Korea Gospel Missionary College. He has been serving in Korea as an associate pastor since 2003. While ministering in both Korea and New York for five years, he has a vast amount of experience in program management, language interpretation, youth organization development and Soteriology.


Terry Henderson

Terry Henderson is a graduate of the Korea Gospel Missionary College in 2007, and has since been dispatched to New York as a missionary. He has been involved with youth ministry and development for nearly ten years, and has also served on managing staff for countless events, including Bible seminars, Bible crusades, youth camps, retreats, and English-related special events. He provides a thorough knowledge of the Bible, and effective ministerial techniques to Mahanaim.