ahanaim will fulfill its mission through rigorous, intensive learning that pushes students to expand their boundaries of knowledge and gain insight on their respective fields of study. Mahanaim will also pursue the proper licensing needed to confer degrees in New York State, as well as national and regional accreditation.

Mahanaim has begun to make this vision a reality by implementing educational programs in theology, music, and English as a Second Language.

Good News Theology at Mahanaim teaches Biblical, Gospel-based theology. Mahanaim dispatches our theological scholars all over the world to preach the Gospel and faith according to the Bible. Theologians from Mahanaim also fight against the forces that cloud the Gospel to ultimately contribute to its mission for the world: spreading the truth of the Gospel to every corner of the Earth.

Gracias Music at Mahanaim specializes in an unsurpassed classical music education so that musicians from Mahanaim may provide both a healthy, beautiful sentiment and a refined musical culture to many people of the world. Gracias Music ultimately aims to glorify God through administering its music education with these specific goals in mind.

Mahanaim English equips students from all over the world, with the powerful tool of English. It serves as a cornerstone for individuals that wish to become leaders of the world who strive to serve others, not themselves.